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Our Company History

Photo of Loretta, creator of Loretta's Gourmet Barbecue SauceThe Story behind our Gourmet Sauce

This sauce is something my mother was very proud of. She was always into arts and crafts and looking for something she could make that people would like. Being a very talented artisan, she came up with many items that her and my father sold at craft shows which proved very successful for them. But there was just something about this bbq sauce recipe. I can’t really put into words why, but I know she was most proud of this sauce. When people try it you can just instantly see in their eyes that this is different and that they like it. The compliments continually flowed in and my mom loved every moment of it.

At craft sales she would be sitting there in the booth, so happy with her button on that said “I’m Loretta”. Someone would step up to the table and I would ask them if they would like to try our bbq sauce, I would proudly tell them “it's my mom's recipe” and she would speak up “I’m Loretta”.

As they would taste the sauce their face would light up with satisfaction and you could see mom's face light up ten times more. Even though it was a lot of work, selling her special barbecue sauce at shows were times that we both enjoyed very much. I knew the time was precious, spending those moments with my mom doing something that brought her so much joy.

One of the worst days of my life happened just a few years ago. I lost my mother six months after I lost my father. It was her dream for me to continue with the sauce so I did, but the experience has not been the same. I can remember the first show I did without her upon greeting the first customer I said the standard phrase “Would you like to try our BBQ sauce? It’s my mom’s recipe." I turned to my right where she normally sat and it was that moment it really hit me. I would never be able to see that big smile or the twinkle in her eye or hear her proud voice say "I'm Loretta". I had to step away from the booth to try and compose myself. Unfortunately, that routine continued for the rest of the day. Overall, the shows have gotten easier and I know she is right there with me in spirit, enjoying the compliments from all who try her sauce.Photo of Loretta, creator of Loretta's Gourmet Barbecue Sauce

I see my mother, Loretta, in all of the happy faces of those who love the sauce. Because of the love my mother had and expressed for others, and the fact she always put her best into everything she did, I genuinely believe that a little bit of love gets passed along with every jar.

Pursuing my mother's dreams and working with her barbecue sauce blend is truly a joy for me and makes me reminisce about my parents and how lucky I am to have had their guidance, patience, kindness and love.

Loretta’s Best BBQ Sauce brings out the best in everyone who tries it and the meals they create.